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My top 5 best restaurants in the Halifax area RIGHT NOW at the end of September 2023.

We are pushing the last 3 months of the year and with prices sky-high, I want you to know the best restaurants where every single dollar is worth it from the service to the food. Grab your girl or the hottest date and get ready. These Halifax restaurants are instagrammable from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. From selfies to delish food pictures and everything in between.

Craving Dani at Bar Sofia in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a blue drink wearing a one shoulder black romper.

Bar Sofia

I have said this many times before – in my opinion, Bar Sofia has an unparalleled vibe on the East Coast. The atmosphere, the colour, the Latin inspired dishes and music makes for an amazing experience. I could eat their guac and empanadas for the rest of my life and be content.

They also have an amazing variety of gluten free and dairy free options. The roasted cauliflower is wonderful. To add a little UMPH to your night, order the drink for two.. A delicious cocktail made for two in a carved out pineapple. It is perfect for pictures and will literally exceed all expectations of a girls night.

Prosciutto hung up on a wired clothes line with 3 different types of cheese and bread. Ocalis' take on a charcuterie board.


This is an instagrammable restaurant for the ages. From interactive food presentation to impeccable service, you’ll have a blast. This is the perfect first date location in my mind. You’ll always have something to talk about when the food comes out. The only down side is you’ll want to have your phone out to snap pictures.

Craving Dani at Garden Restaurant with a beautiful mirror background

Garden Food Bar

During Covid, I found a love in The Garden Food Bar. Not only is this restaurant stunning and a popular spot for weddings and events but their food, drinks and service are incredible.

Their ever changing seasonal menus get better each season, and they out do themselves each time.

They have huge chandeliers, and a room full of tiles and mirrors.. It's a magical space.

Cravingdani holding a glass of orange wine at Drift in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Did someone say brunch? From classic brunch items with a twist to delicious desserts, you will leave this restaurant full and feeling refreshed. The portions are plentiful but packs a bunch of energy. The vibes at Drift are so boujee and gives the best true nautical Nova Scotia theme.

A photo of Ferror Rocher cheesecake from Halifax, Nova Scotia at Antoinette's Cheesecakes

Antoinette's Cheesecakes

Some people eat their dessert first so I had to include the most delicious desserterie in Halifax or might I even say.. Atlantic Canada?

Let them eat cake is their motto and hands down, Antoinette and her son are taking over the HRM with their newest addition in Bedford and their upcoming location close to my home in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia!

Their cheese cake range from sweet to tart, classic to child hood dreams. If you’re looking for a classic New York style cherry cheesecake, this is your home. If you’re

looking for cosmic brownie deliciousness incorporated into a cheesecake – you can also get that. From keto to vegan – yes my dairy free friends, she has vegan cheesecakes – to gluten free, she truly has something for everyone. Antoinette, I couldn't be more proud of the mother, friend and business owner you are. I love you.

a photo of Craving Dani and Antoinette from Antoinettes Cheesecakes at her grand opening of the dartmouth location


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