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My Top 5 Fav 'Cafes' in Halifax (HRM)

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Recently, I have found myself going stir crazy at home and I began to look for cute (and quiet) spots where I could plop down, check my emails and read a little (which is actually really good for a concussion!). As many of you know, I have had zero (literally) computer access from May to August and I didn’t want to get bogged down at home. Working where you live and the whole concept of work life balance has always been important to me and I hate working from home.

What do YOU look for in a good café? This is something I asked everyone on instagram and i've been following your recommendations. I went to about 15 cafes and these were my favourite.

Personally, food and pastries are number one. Second is the vibe.. Is it too loud? Is it a good working environment? Comfy chairs? Are people nice? Here are my top 5 cafes that I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to find. This is what I will base my own personal experiences on.

Cortado Tasting Room - 50 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford, NS.

Overall rating - 10/10

I do not know why it took me so long to visit this amazing cafe. I guess I kind of thought it was a brewery.. however it very much is a spot to try a variety of handmade coffee, hot chocolates, smoothies and so much more. The vibe was incredibly relaxing. They had so much natural light and the lights down low. The seats were the perfect height. Music was not too loud. Great distancing in between tables. The staff were so welcoming, easy to ask questions to.. and had WONDERFUL recommendations. I feel like if I lived a tad closer, id be here so often.

Food & Drinks - I had a delish bagel, hot chocolate and tried a smoothie. Everything was amazing. They brought my food and drinks to my table, it was all presented so beautifully.

Harvest – 936 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS.

Overall rating – 10/10

I think Harvest is probably the most underrated café in the city. I like either location honestly but the Bedford location is close to home. There is a ton of seating – including swings – and its very bright. The seats are comfortable and the plants inside are very relaxing. Their patio seating is also plentiful. I just want to say I frequent Harvest often and not once have I ever had my order wrong. EVER. I’m not sure if they have sound blockers or something but its always very relaxing whenever I go in. I think my favourite part is that you can do breakfast, lunch, anything and plop down for a minute.

Food & Drinks – They have an abundance of powerbowls but – they also have a huge selection of breakfast! My favourite thing on their menu for drinks is their Tropical Turmeric Smoothie. However, their hot chocolate is also nice. Its liquidier, not as thick as my favourite by Twoifsbythesea but still incredible.

Twoifbysea – 66 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth, NS.

Overall rating – 9.5/10

This stunning café has windows that open up into the street for a nice cooling breeze. The café was bumpin, like.. it was BUSY.. but it was quiet and everyone is very respectful. The tables are well placed. The staff were actually overly kind with huge smiles and a willingness to explain everything and anything to you despite the line up. They didn’t rush you and made each person feel special. It’s a kind of rustic feel but I feel like this made me relax.. Literally felt like drift wood and beachy vibes.

Food & Drinks – The pastries – of course – are famous across Halifax.. but can you believe it was my first time? Their chocolate croissant is definitely a favourite. I find most chocolate croissants have a tiny bit of chocolate in the middle but when I tell you this croissant was DRIPPING chocolate.. I mean it. They were a bit greasy and I stained my pants as a result.. The hot chocolate was amazing. Flavourful. THICK. It was good hot and cold ( I was slow…).

The Daily Grind – 1475 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS.

Overall rating – 9.5/10

I have been to the daily grind many times, passing by. However, I never stopped to sit and appreciate how WONDERFUL this little café is. It’s small but spacious, a plentiful amount of tables. Exposed wood, the cutest décor which is like.. Black, wood, plant life. The ambiance is so calming, they truly rely a lot on the sun light – the vibes are just so relaxing. The service was amazing. The staff are just so kind.

Food & Drinks – Oh my word. Where to begin. They have such a huge selection of fresh baked goods. From peanut butter bites to muffins and apple turn overs. They also have an entire breakfast / snack menu that is made to order (guac was freshly smashed). Im so obsessed. The hot chocolate was, I love the fact that they have ginger ale – so I can cool down after.. The best.

ALSO THEY DO FREE DRIP COFFEE REFILS.. I am not a coffee / caffeine drinker but I’m sure many of you will appreciate this huge PSA!

The only slight downside is that due to everything being PERFECT, theres a tiny wait. Maybe like 10ish mins if youre getting food or drinks.. However, youd be waiting much longer at a resto.

Apartment 3 Espresso Bar – 833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, NS.

Overall rating – 9.5/10

This café is CUTE. Probably the most esthetically pleasing restaurant I have ever been to. Gold. Pink. Exposed wood. Local paintings. I’ll start moving in shortly. The staff were very pleasant, making the cutest teddy bear in my hot chocolate – the talent. The staff are unbelievably kind. They remember your name and your order. I watched people go in and the staff ask about their children and lives and have their coffee made before they walk in the door. The chairs are super comfy, the only thing is that the few times ive been – its more of a meeting spot than a study or working spot. The music is a little on the louder side.. Nothing wrong with this, just probably a better place for convos and phone calls (which is great). A quieter scene early in the morning and weekends.

Food & Drinks – Very standard cookies and muffins. The hot chocolate was light and fluffy.. not VERY chocolatey but that’s not a bad thing. Theres hot chocolates of every chocolate level and they are all amazing. Their hot chocolate was very good (and I have been multiple times now). Everything was quick and good. They also have soft serve from Wednesday – Sundays and on Wednesdays they have VEGAN soft serve!


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