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6 Date Night Spots in Halifax That Will Spice Things Up!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

There are hundreds of restaurant in the HRM that are absolutely wonderful. However, there are a few restaurants which just hit. the. spot. In my opinion, of course. Here are my top 6 restaurants in Halifax that whether you’re on your first or 100th date – hopefully you enjoy one of these!

Oxalis - 22 Wentworth St, Halifax, NS.

Oxalis is hands down the most intricate and elevated dining experiences in

Dartmouth. Sophia and Andreas have truly made this house into a home for so

many by choosing every single last detail themselves and creating the most wonderful ambiance. The décor is beautiful with a beautiful bar, large wine case and old repurposed church pews as seating.

The food itself is wonderful and the food itself is an experience. It is so pretty and so flavourful, if you know me you know I’ve always believed in “cooking with colour” because of the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants and this restaurant definitely cooks with colour. They are from Germany and Austria and when they opened their restaurant their families came to assist with the building and making each prosciutto dish by hand (it’s a cute little clothes line with hanging prosciutto and 3 different kinds of hand made butter (one butter is even shaped as a tomato.. I can not even!)

At the end of your dinner, you’re given three chocolates for you and your partner. You each get one and then you roll dice for the last one. It’s an experience and memory like no other! I will mention that the prices are reflected in being an elevated dinning experience, however it is not an out of reach cost. This is definitely the best spot for an anniversary or special occasion. I personally have had Valentines day dinner and an anniversary dinner here and it was beyond what I could have imagined for a memory to last forever!

Le Bistro By Liz - 1333 South Park St, Halifax, NS.

Have you ever wanted to be in a different city.. even if it's just for one meal? That is what Le Bistro By Liz has created. While in the heart of Halifax, you feel as if you are relaxing in Italy or Paris. It hard to describe unless you’ve been there but if you know you know.

The décor itself transports you to late night big city vibe with red and black detailing, beautiful wood work and a charm and character like no other. There are a couple restaurants in Halifax that give you this vibe but Le Bistro By Liz is a bit different. There is a homey feeling. It's romantic, elegant but the price point is extremely fair. Definitely a restaurant you can dress up or just dress casual and you'll feel prepared.

I have never went to Le Bistro by Liz and had a bad meal, whether it be dinner or brunch. Your portion sizes are huge and it’s so good. You wont even want to talk! The food is truly beautiful and from the second you walk in to the second you leave - the experience is absolutely unparalleled.

Bar Sofia - 1709 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS.

This is one of the most unique and fun restaurants in all of Halifax, a little side note – snatch up a reservation asap. This Latin inspired bar has neon lights, loud music and delicious bites that will have you feeling the best all evening. They even have a DJ on the weekends.

One of the best things that this resto has is a pineapple drink for two. It’s basically liquor in a hallowed out pineapple with fire sparklers on top.. Unreal. It’s the entire experience here that truly just makes it one of the most memorable places for a date.

Most of their dishes are meant for sharing, but it’s always fun to share. They have a really versatile menu that has everything from seafood, vegetarian and gluten free options. The photo attached is their roasted cauliflower on dirty rice and I believe the drink is a blue Parrott. Everything just scream fun here! You also NEED to try their churros... you can thank me later!!

Cable Wharf - 1751 Lower Water St, Halifax, NS.

The Cable Wharf opened this year, it’s the former Murphy’s on the Water so it’s nestled between the Queen’s Marque and the ferry terminal. I can’t even describe how extraordinary their renovations turned out. The inside is a beautiful white washed nautical theme with boat ropes as chandeliers and a huge boat over the bar. The stunning views of the harbour and the large windows are truly a bonus. You could be having dinner next to the silva! I feel like my words don’t even describe it perfectly.

They are very seafood focused (one of the best lobster rolls I have ever had - they add a little pear in it.. i promise its so good) however, they do have a few non-seafood options. I highly recommend the braised beef.

The vibes are so relaxed, peaceful and harmonious. It's bright, even in the dead of night! You could easily wear jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress and feel comfortable.

Jukai Sushi - 49 Kings Wharf, Dartmouth, NS.

I always find that this specific sushi & Thai restaurant is one of the most intriguing place for a date, especially if you get AYCE. You can find a lot of common ground with food. Discovering food you like for the first time, discovering food you don’t love that someone else does. Its a unique experience and this makes it really fun. If you’re worried about conversation in your date, this is definitely a natural way to create conversation.

Jukai has a ton of dishes on their menu that are not sushi related.. such as fried rice, noodles, pad thai, garlic steak bites, skewers. Honestly, I find there is something for everyone even if you don’t love sushi you’ll most likely find something else you love.

Their vibes are really fun, everyone is always having a good time. The décor is nice, huge floor to ceiling windows. It’s also great because if you want to go for a cute walk after, the views of Halifax from Kings Wharf is unbelievable. The prices are pretty reasonable.

The Garden Restaurant - 1446 Queen St, Halifax, NS.

It is no surprise that Garden has made my list. This is personally one of my favourite spots for cocktails, apps, a date night, a girls night.. it’s really the perfect venue for anything. The vibes are always very chill and it’s always relaxing. If you’re looking for a bit of spice in your, they host everything from jazz nights, drag shows and live music.

Their menu is always changing with local in season goodies however there is some staples. Kales ceasar salad, traditional pita & hummus and their famous beef tenderloin. They recently worked with a local bartender, Dylan, to create a wonderful cocktail menu highlighting local distilleries. They also have alcohol-free cocktails. Their weekend brunch is a must try with dishes I’ve loved for years.

The menu is really focused on sharing. Their appetizer menu is relatively large and they really put an emphasis on trying to appease multiple taste buds. The décor is perfect for date night and the best Instagram picture. Huge chandeliers, large mosaic wall (just ask and they can take you in the back room if its free!) and a huge floor to ceiling bar area. It gives off a great ambiance to your date no matter the time.


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