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When in Moncton..

Visiting Moncton is always a treat.. but it’s always difficult to know where to go when I go “back home”.

In the last few years, Moncton has truly become a Hub for delicious food and an enormous amount of craft breweries. The food scene has truly changed from chain focused to local love.

When I only stay a couple days, I want to make sure my food experience does not disappoint. Nothing is worse than only being able to go out ONCE and having a terrible experience that basically ruins your weekend.

One of my favourite things about downtown Moncton in the fall & winter is their light displays around downtown. Angels, snowflakes and stars coat the city's lights.

Restaurants I frequent when I visit :

  • Tide & Boar

  • Gusto

  • Gahan House

  • Pump House

  • Red Satay

  • Harvest

  • Devil's Halo Cheesecake

The Tide and Boar has to be my favourite go-to stop whenever I go home. The atmosphere is wonderful. They have life music, events (like Taylor Swift nights) and so much more! Aside from all the fun stuff - the food is delicious. They experiment with so many different flavours that pair so well with their own craft beer. You could spend an entire night here and still not have time to try all the beer on tap. During the summer months, they hold BBQ on the weekends with over 16 hours of smoking. YES they wake up bright and early to bring the best BBQ to their customers! Everything about Tide and Boar is truly heart warming. It is centrally located on Main Street, right in front of City Hall!

Gusto is such a wonderful restaurant - especially if it is your Birthday (free cake!) The only issue that I have with gusto is they are not great with allergies. They barely have anything that is dairy free, gluten free etc. However, that does not mean you can not enjoy. I love their pizza and the bread they give to you at the beginning of the meal with a delicious spice blend. You can dress up or dress down, gowns or jeans - anything goes here. However, the décor is magnificent. If you dont have any intolerances or allergies - this is definitely a place to go!

Gahan House - Hub City. As many of you know, there is a special place in my heart for Gahan and their team. One of the best places for brunch in the city is definitely Gahan. As you can see pictured - their portions are amazing. The food is consistently good. From standard breakfasts to frittatas and fancy ceasars - you'll definitely find something you love no matter how picky the eater. They also use local belly's hot sauce in their ceasars - LOVE local supporting local.

Breweries & Wineries I love :

  • Happy Brewing

  • Magnetic Hill Winery

  • Tide & Boar Brewing (different from their resto!)

  • Flying Boats

  • Tire Shack Brewing

  • Pump House

  • Gahan House

Where to stay?

Obviously my sister's house in number 1 - however, when I stay in the city for events I love staying at Canvas.

Staying at Canvas is like staying at a resort - in my opinion. It is VERY modern, sleek and delicate at the same time. Hear me out - from the stunning wall paper to the layout, you're modern - fun - chic. However, you have the luxurious bed with the gentle touches of a huge soaker bath tub. The lights are modern as well - offering pipe lighting with zero glare. Also walking distance to everything around the city!

They have a cute bar downstairs, a beautiful cocktail menu (TRY A DAVE MATTHEWS COCKTAIL!!) and a little breakfast menu - small bites basically.

What to do?

  • Centennial Park

  • Champlain Mall

  • Starving Artist Gallery & Gifts

  • Magic Mountain

  • Dieppe Farmer's Market

  • Mapleton Park

  • Magnetic Hill Zoo

  • Resurgo Place (if you are a history buff GO HERE!)


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