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Traveling with a Concussion

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Traveling with a concussion or brain injury can not only be frustrating - it can be difficult on your body. Opportunities do not care what you are going through and your life should not stop. Do not let your “invisible injury” hold you back from living your life.

1. The Plan

Plan your itinerary carefully to give yourself some time relax when you arrive at your destination and when you arrive home.

  • If you feel good enough once you have arrived to your destination, use the time to do something extra. Treat yourself. However, you won't know how you feel until you arrive. Leave as much time as you can to regroup just in case.

  • If you are arriving home on a Sunday evening and work the next morning – plan time to relax. You’ll be glad you scheduled it. Unpacking the suitcase can wait!

Talk to your health care providers and ask their opinion on you traveling.

  • If you’re traveling more than a few days, it may be helpful to book a medical appointment in your destination town.

  • Before traveling to Banff, I found an amazing massage therapist and chiropractor who worked with tourists. They knew it was a one-off appointment. My chiropractor wrote a note with my diagnoses so the chiropractor in Banff knew what I needed.

cravingdani standing in front of the Toronto Sign

Be close to your event or where you want to be.

  • I wanted to travel around downtown Toronto so I selected a hotel in the Entertainment District - across the street from the mall and Toronto sign. This is an energy saving tip. Traveling by train or bus can take a lot out of you. Save your energy for when you need it.

2. The Day Of

Make sure your ID’s are secured in a safe placeand make sure to bring them with you!

  • I went to the airport 4 hours early - I was waiting in line to board my plane and realized I didn’t bring my ID. We ended up missing our flight. While having a meltdown at the airport, I was trying to rebook my flight, for weeks later. It’s okay to admit you need help.

Do not try to cram in as much as possible on the first day. Take that nap. Take a bath. Give all your energy to what you are traveling for. If you have extra energy – that is a bonus!

Stay hydrated. This is an excellent excuse to indulge in a nice Starbucks drink or a Gatorade! Liquids ladies! I’m awful at this too but you need to keep your body hydrated.

3. You’ve Arrived

Cravingdani using a cup of ice to cool down and help with neck pain at a country concert

Be prepared for the emotions

  • While traveling to Banff, I spent the evening having a melt down on the side of the road.

  • Once I arrived at the hotel, I took a bath and begged my partner to go back home. It took time to adjust to the barometric pressure. I was exhausted and overwhelmed.

Do not feel guilty

  • I planned my restaurants and sight seeing during the morning and evening. Mid day, I would put time away to sleep. My partner had brought his Xbox. That way, I didn’t need to feel the guilt of not being able to go-go-go.

Do not be afraid to communicate your needs to yourself and others.

Enjoy your time

  • Breathe, you’ve made it this far. It’s ok to not be 44ok.

4. Coming Home

Allow yourself to feel whatever you may feel.

  • Be honest and check in with yourself.

Book an appointment with your healthcare provider(s)

  • Update them on your current symptoms. You may also need a tune up and that is normal! Traveling can add extra stress to your body even without an injury.

5. Devices

  • Most airlines consider instant ice packs as medical devices and are counted separate from your liquids. These are also great for car rides.

  • Do not underestimate the power of a neck pillow while traveling – either by car or plane. Resting your head is a luxury when traveling.

  • If you have a concussion, chances are that you have some sort of difficulty with your vision. Having a good quality eye mask can help overstimulation

  • Once again, over stimulation can be overwhelming. Relax and tune out the world!

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