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Fractional Resurfacing in Halifax

Picture this.


You’re stressed, you’re breaking out and you have a huge day coming up.. like your 30th birthday or new years eve or Christmas with your inlaws. While you shouldn’t feel self conscious – you do.

This was me last month. On top of all of this, I was finishing up my Fall semester, meeting with an Orthopeadic surgeon, trying to work out, presenting my final presentation and participating in my car accident discovery. Once could say I was under a lot of pressure.

My break outs were more than that though – they were also part of a skin condition I was diagnosed with in my teens. Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a painful, long-term skin condition that causes skin abscesses and scarring, usually around hair follicles and sweat glands. I had been on medication since I was 16 to rectify this. However, medication is no longer an option and is hard on your body.

Just before New Years, I found Kayla from The Skinn Studio in Lower Sackville. Kayla told me about Fractional Resurfacing – which I was so excited to try it but pretty nervous.


Immediately after –

On the first day, we numbed the area and got to work. I would say the pain was 8/10 on the most sensitive areas. However, with the numbing cream the only way I knew anything was happening was the clicking sound. Kayla was exceptional walking me through each step. She recommends a charcoal face wash at the end – which you can purchase right there, and she gives you after care tips which you can pick up at any pharmacy.

Day 1 –

My skin was pretty warm, itchy and very red. My skin was tight and I definitely looked more like a cherry than a human.

Day 2 –

The redness and irritation were manageable, it wasn’t painful at all. There was a lot of yellowing coming out of my pores.

Day 3 –

The redness was almost gone – everything had closed up.

Day 4 –

Small touches of redness on my cheers and severely broken out areas.

Day 5 –

You can hardly tell!


You can choose to have your entire face resurfaced or just spot treatments. However, I was very satisfied with my first appointment. This will be definitely something I continue with in the future both for the health of my skin and peace of mind. A huge thank you to Kayla for her kindness and honesty.


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