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Botox, please!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Botox is so controversial. You’ll rarely find someone without an opinion on it. However, I have found through my own botox journey that more people use it than you would believe. I am going to tell you about my journey with Botox, filler & True Clinic and we are going to keep it short and sweet.

About 2 years ago I started getting a little Botox in my forehead and I’ve tried lip flips and filler in my lips. I did not continue with my lip fillers but I am obsessed with how I look post-botox.

I met Will completely by accident and we started collaborating and my trust in him and his techniques are truly just unbelievably wonderful.

I have to admit – I was terrified of a few things pre-botox:

1. It would hurt

2. My face would look so different

3. It would “migrate” or I’d be one of the horror stories

In the 6 times I’ve been to Will, I’ve never had anything but perfection. The before and after is insane and I would have never expected it. I feel like I looked so relaxed in photos.

Botox works by basically freezing the muscles – but it is TEMPORARY, and your muscle metabolizes it. Within 3 or 4 months – POOF. You have wrinkles again. HOWEVER, consistent treatments lead to longer lasting effects. It also can be preventative, preventing the wrinkle from forming at times.

So.. does it hurt? Honestly a little.. especially in the lips. The lips do hurt. However, forehead botox is barely a pinch and Will uses a little vibrating tool so you don’t focus on it as much. Afterwards, I haven’t had ANY pain from lips or botox. I do recommend ICE ICE ICE lol.

Will always starts off with the idea that “less is more” – which I love. I also love movement in my eye brows and some people do not – and that’s fine. Will will work with you to find your perfect balance! Reminder that it can up to TWO weeks to see full results!

To learn more about Will, Botox or any of the services that I have gotten done - check out


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