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My Top 3 Favourite Local Fast Food Restaurants in Halifax

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Sometimes, you want to just grab a meal and go on with your life but you also want to support local and have a healthy meal. Here are my top 3 favourite fast food restaurants in Halifax with taste and service as their priority. These three restaurants also all have Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy free options! This is incredibly important to me, and my audience.


I LOVE for pizza and wings and it’s the only spot I go to for pizza. Hands down it’s one of my favourite fast food restaurants in Halifax.

My favourite things about Pzza.Co are :

A pizza from Pzza.Co and a football shaped cake on a table for the Super Bowl. Top three Best Fast Food Restaurant in Halifax.

· Fresh Veggies – some places put frozen green peppers - Yuck!

· Delicious Wings

· Donairs

· Customer Service

Taste is definitely a priority here. They have so many combos - it’s my go to for parties. My favourite location is their flagship store – on Joseph Howe, but they have locations across HRM.

I am very excited that they will be opening their new location in Lower Sackville, with is basically down the street from my house. I am dangerously excited.

2. Potikkis

Potikki’s is one of my favourite fast food restaurants in Halifax because it is:

Different dishes from Potikki's Restaurant in Halifax in a decorative setting. Top three Best Fast Food Restaurant in Halifax.

· Quick

· Healthy

· Affordable

· Flavourful

If I’m downtown for a meeting or working out, this is my favourite spot to grab a quick, healthy and delicious bite on my way home.

3. Cha Baa Thai

Spicy Beef, Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai from Cha Baa Thai in Halifax on a kitchen table. Top three Best Fast Food Restaurant in Halifax.

If you have heard of Cha Baa Thai, you’ve probably heard about their lunch specials under $15. These are made quickly, while hot and delicious. I prefer the Bedford location but there are other locations around HRM.

My favourite dishes from Cha Baa Thai are:

· Red Curry (Vegetable)

· Spicy Beef (pictured)

· Ginger Beef

My partner loves their Pad Thai with both Chicken & Shrimp (pictured). In the years I have been frequenting Cha Baa Thai, they have always had amazing customer service when ordering over the phone.

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